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Community Mennonite Fellowship
Lead Pastor

Qualifications: Minimum Bachelors of Theology
Position type: Full time, 1.0 time
Salary: Based on MCEC pay guidelines

Who is Community Mennonite Fellowship:

Community Mennonite Fellowship is the fruit of two churches merging together, located in the rural village of Drayton. We are a friendly and welcoming church family where genuine relationships are valued.

We are made up of folks from all walks of life; those who have grown up in the Mennonite Church as well as those who are just beginning their walk with Christ, but who have been drawn to the core beliefs of the Mennonite faith and our strong sense of community. Our faith, mission and priorities are best described in our Mission Statement:

“Enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ, spreading His good news in the community and the world.”

We are looking for a pastor to serve in our congregation long-term.

Role Duties & Responsibilities:
- Preach 3⁄4 Sundays
- Officiate at funerals and weddings
- provide leadership of premarital preparation and at baptisms and parent/child dedications
- provide some direction to baptismal and membership classes (along with the elders)
- Provide emergency crisis care when needed

- Support parishioners in times of grief, illness and loss (marriage, family or vocational) whenever possible
- coordinate follow-up of prayer requests (made during Sunday am worship service) along with the elders
- Lead visioning process to determine what outreach will look like at CMF going forward
- Offer input to our Worship committee in organizing services
- Empower leaders in the congregation to take on leadership roles in the congregation

Additional duties
● Provide oversight and direction, and when needed assistance for the administrative assistant
● Contact members and adherents annually, offering to visit if desired for spiritual guidance and support; including follow-up contacts with visitors as appropriate

Required Professional Knowledge, Skills, and Qualifications:
We are seeking a pastor with well rounded skills in many areas of ministry - a general practitioner. Our congregation identified the following areas (in a congregational survey June 2021) as priorities for our congregation:

Leadership & Administration - demonstrates strong leadership ability able to facilitate
the development of vision, mission and goals for our congregation.
Pastoral Care - models Jesus’ example of a shepherd who cares deeply for people and
shares a passion for building authentic relationships.
Preaching - engages church family in meaningful, thought-provoking sermons that
inspire and challenge us to live out the gospel in our community

We are searching for a pastor with at least five years of ministry experience.

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